CCTV Camera Kits

Advice When Purchasing CCTV Camera Kits


When purchasing a Home CCTV camera kit you have the option to purchase IP or Analog cameras and recorders.

The difference between both kits is one is digital and one is not. The digital option allows you to digitaly zoom in on recorded images to a higher degree than you would achieve using analog.

With analog HD kits you can still zoom in on live and recorded images but not as good as digital, however HD analogue cameras have come a long way over the last few years and now offer 5 mega pixel cameras at by far lower prices than Ip cameras systems,but their is a downside to this as with IP cameras they are powered by POE from the recorder itself transmitting 12vdc power to the camera and video from the camera back to the recorder on one single cat 5 or cat 6 cable.

As with analoge you would have to run in some cases a separate cable for power to each camera powered by a 12vdc supply normaly located at the recording location. In some instances you can run power and video down one cat5 cable using a balun for the transter of video data and power using male and female power connectors.

This can work well but in some isolated cases you can get interference caused by power cables in attack spaces etc were the cables have crossed, this is because the cat 5 cable is not protected against earth issues. Therefore it might be worth considering runnung an RG59 coaxial cable when installing Analog HD cameras and run the power separately using a shotgun cable which is one cable that has coaxal and power built in.


As a rule of thumb on one terabyte hard disk will approximately deliver 30 days recording per one single camera therefore it is important to remember this when purchasing a new camera ststem.

For example lets say you require a four way camera system for your home or business and you are looking for a recording period of one month, then you will need to order a four terrabyte hard drive for your recorder however if you feel you only need a recording period of 14 days then you would require a two terabyte hard disk.


Motion detection recording

There is one other option you have you could install a one terrabyte hard dist as this can give you recodings over a period of one month when the recorder has bben placed in motion alarm mode.

How this works is when someone walks past or towards your cameras the camera will instanly start recording until the motion ends. Wheras the previous methods record constantly.


Wireless CCTV Kits

With wireless CCTV camera kits the video will be transmitted without the need of wires, however bare in mind that you still have to provide 12vdc to each camera location. Therefore Wireless is not always the cheapest option after taking into concideration the time it may take to put in place power at each camera point.

As mentioned previously a cables option may work out better than wireless from signal point of view and less chance of distortion on signals in some cases we have whitnesed. For advice please call our support team



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