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CCTV IP NVR And DVR Recording Solutions For Home And Business

NVR And DVR Home And Business Recording Solutions

CCTV systems have completely changed the security approach for homes and businesses. It guarantees safety through monitoring every activity that happens around the premises. With this 24/7 real-time collection of data and footage, one needs to have network recording solutions where videos and images are streamed and stored. This way, you won’t need to hire people to monitor your home or business.

Before pulling the trigger on the purchase, every business and homeowner should first be aware of the different types of CCTV recorders in the market. The devices you choose should first and foremost suit the security needs of your home or business, as well as offer quality, recorded footage. Here’s a look at the best IP NVR And DVR Network Recorders products in the market.

1. NVR IP Networking Recorder

The safety of your employees, stock, and home assets are integral to the functionality of either environment. There’s been an increase in the crime rate in the UK that has necessitated many homeowners and businesses to turn to IP based CCTV cameras that offer high-end images and videos 24/7. The falcon 8MP 16 channel NVR 4K recorder with 4 terabytes hard disk storage goes for around 539.76 pounds, including tax. It will for sure, give your place nothing but the absolute best recorded and live images on the NVR IP Networking Recorder.

All external cameras are made from vandal-resistant metal housing that guarantees quality and can withstand several knocks before getting damaged. Meanwhile, it will be recording whoever’s trying to take it down. The camera also records up to a 20-metre range with its smart Infrared illumination. It also comes with a three year manufactures guaranteed warranty. Other key features include a 16 channel playback, super live plus app, 4K output, HDMI/VGA Outputs, P2P, 4K 7fps H265, and backs-up data via USB 2.0.

2. HD DVR Recorder

The falcon 4 channel 5MP HD DVR Recorder has a two terabyte hard disk storage space and goes for 184.80 pounds inclusive of tax. With crime so prevalent in the UK, it would be prudent installing an HD DVR Recorder, which is robust and reliable to capture high quality recorded or live images and allowing a playback option at leisure. This HD DVR Recorder has an IP function that allows for remote monitoring from anywhere. Other key features include a 4 Channel Playback, 5MP Recording, P2P (No Port Forwarding), 1 Alarm Output/ 4 Alarm Inputs, SATA X1 Up To 6TB and backup via USB 2.0. It also comes with a three year guaranteed manufactures warranty.

3. HD 4K 8 Megapixel DVR Recorder

The UK has seen an increase in the crime rate with many homes and businesses opting to turn to IP CCTV Cameras that offer 24/7 surveillance and recording. The Falcon 16 Channel HD 4K 8 Megapixel DVR Recorder has a 4 terabyte hard disk storage space and goes for around 539.76 pounds inclusive of tax. Any perpetrator caught on live or recorded footage is subject to prosecution under UK laws. The 4K DVR recording device with an 8 Megapixel lens while providing with nothing less than the best quality images and videos. With a 20 metre Smart IR range, the cameras are installed with night vision that allows night-time live to record.

One should never underestimate the power of recorded footage given how it can come in handy in so many different situations. It can literally be used to get one in or out of jail. Also, you can use the images and videos recorded as evidence, especially when making an insurance claim. The IP NVR And DVR Network Recorders are a valuable resource that suits your home or business CCTV security needs as well as offer the best CCTV recording solutions.

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