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CCTV Cameras For Home And Business

In the contemporary world, the importance of CCTV Cameras for homes and businesses cannot be understated. Security is crucial across all walks of life and no more so than the tricky modern world. CCTV helps to reduce liability to the home or business assets significantly. The advantages of installing a CCTV camera system far outweigh the drawbacks incurred on the cost of the cameras and installations.

Invest in quality CCTV cameras

For peace of mind and guaranteed safety of the premises, one will need to invest in quality CCTV cameras. However, to get the best out of your hard-earned pounds, you will have to know them first. Here’s a guide to the best cameras for homes and businesses:

1. Vandal Resistant Dome Camera

Vandal Proof 4 in 1 domeEverybody has something they want to protect, whether it’s their home’s property or business stock or enterprise. This is more intuitive, given how crime has been on the rise. Looking to install vandal-resistant 4K 4 in 1 CCTV analogue dome camera is not a bad idea. This 4K HD Analogue CCTV Vandal Dome camera goes for around 82.68 pounds, including HMRC tax comes with a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens. The 4K CCTV has 8 megapixels, which is robust and reliable. It records live high-quality images and videos to your device. You can link them to your Viper or falcon DVRs. It also has a smart high-end infrared illumination that covers up to 30-meters. And great night vision when needed.

2. Bullet Camera

BULLET-VIP-6-2.8-12mm VWThe Viper 4K IP Bullet Camera features a 30-meter smart IR with full analytics that includes face recognition. It has a 2.8mm fixed lens and goes for about 137.28 pounds. The fixed lenses ensure top quality images at unbeatable prices that match competitors. What’s more, you can link the Bullet Camera to a wide range of Viper 4K NVRs. It’s made out of the best metal housing and is waterproof to guarantee maximum durability.

3. IP PTZ Camera

PTZ IR 6 camera 20 x zoom

The 3 megapixel IP PTZ Camera features Manual and Auto 360 degree pan tilt with a 100 metre IR range and a 30 x Zoom camera. Including tax, it goes for 767.52 pounds. The 3 Megapixel PTZ has a 30 times zoom ratio with a robust pan-tilt camera. The Onyx PTZ camera can be linked to a range of NVRs and DVRs. These PTZ cameras cover all your bases, with motion-detection features and numerous IP based cameras that allow for remote monitoring and recording.

4. Eyeball Camera

HD 4 in 1 FW36 Eyeball cameraThe 5Mp HD Analogue Eyeball Camera comes with a 30 metre IR and a 2.8-12 Varifocal lens. The 4 in 1 camera goes for around 49.92 pounds including tax. It’s only natural to want to keep your home or business safe, and installing the 5 meg varifocal Eyeball Cameras is undoubtedly the right choice. Thye varifocal Eyeball camera comes in a grey and white colour which consists of a sealed camera module and metal housing that provide a neutral colour to suit the majority of buildings.

5. IP Turret Camera

TURVIP 4K FW Audio camera

The 4K IP Turret Camera comes with a 2.8 fixed camera lens and a 30 metre IR. It’s white in colour and goes for around 53.04 pounds. It’s understandable to want to keep your home or business safe in this crime-infested society, and going for the IP Turret Camera is a wise decision.

There will always be envious people lurking in the dark just waiting to cause you harm. Having a robust security system can go a long way in stifling their plans. Just the sight of the aforementioned security is enough to deter any would-be criminal elements. Select the one that best suits your budget and needs. What’s more, you can use the footage acquired as evidence in a court of law when suing for liabilities.

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