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  • Falcon 16 Ch 8 Megapixel 4K DVR Recorder 8 Terabyte

Falcon 16 Ch 8 Megapixel 4K DVR Recorder 8 Terabyte

£835.20 Price including tax

Falcon 8MP sixteen-channel 4K recorder comes with a 8 terabyte hard disk storage and a 3 year manufactures Warranty

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Falcon 16 Channel 4K DVR Recorder With 8 Terabyte HDD

The Falcon 8MP sixteen-channel recorder comes with an eight terabyte hard disk storage and a 3 year manufactures Warranty

Key Features

    • Supports TVI / AHD / CVI / 960H
    • P2P – No Port Forwarding
    • 16 Channel Playback
    • 4 Alarm Inputs / 1 Alarm Output
    • HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot Outputs
    • SATA X1 Up To 6TB
    • Backup via USB 2.0
    • 4K output
    • Up to 4K recordings
    • Super live plus app
    • Multi-users on NVMS software
    • Supports PTZ
    • 4k 7fps H265 – also supports 2MP and 5MP at 25FPS.
Home contents, Safety, Business employees, Stock. There is a lot to protect. Due to the increase in crime in the United Kingdom home users and companies are now turning to the UK brand Onyx their IP CCTV cameras will provide you with high-end security video images 24/7. The Onyx Falcon 16 Ch 8 Megapixel 4K DVR Recorder with eight Terabyte hard drive will give you nothing but the best live and recorded images on your DVR recording devices. With onyx you get a quality CCTV recording product at the best affordable prices, all external cameras that are supplied with the Onyx Falcon 16 Ch 8 Megapixel 4K DVR recorder have an IP66 waterproof rating and have vandal-resistant metal housing. Ensuring your camera will take a lot of knocks without getting damaged.
The Cameras have up to a 20-metre range of Smart Infrared illumination to give customers the best night vision cameras at affordable prices
You can choose from White or Grey camera’s to suit your building colour. If you are a homeowner or business owner that wants peace of mind holiday or away from your home, then we stock CCTV security camera with motion-detecting functionality that will send alerts your mobile phone device, this could be the best compromise. Ask us about our Onyx range of cameras with IP features.
Here at the CCTV Camera Centre offer you advice on the Onyx Falcon network recorders that are more suited to your home or business needs. We have discrete cameras for indoor use as well as larger dome cameras that are tamper-proof and will serve as a good deterrent for high-crime areas of the UK.
Other store owners have reported that by Installing highly visible CCTV camera devices in their shops and Molls have proven to be very effective in reducing opportunistic theft and personal assaults. Stock loss through shoplifting is a major problem for the large and small retailers at the CCTV Camera Centre our aim is to help business owners combat that problem with simple and effective CCTV solutions.
 WE offer our customers advice and support Installing CCTV cameras. And have good videos show and explain how to install the Onyx CCTV cameras and recorders.