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  • Falcon 4 Ch 8 Megapixel 4K DVR Recorder 2 Terabyte

Falcon 4 Ch 8 Megapixel 4K DVR Recorder 2 Terabyte

£256.80 Price including tax

Falcon 8MP four-channel 4K recorder comes with a two terabyte hard disk storage and a 3 year manufactures Warranty

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Falcon 4 Channel 4K DVR Recorder With 2 Terabyte

The Falcon 8MP four-channel recorder comes with a one terabyte hard disk storage and a 3 year manufactures Warranty

Key Features

    • Supports TVI / AHD / CVI / 960H
    • 5MP Recording
    • P2P – No Port Forwarding
    • 4 Channel Playback
    • 4 Alarm Inputs / 1 Alarm Output
    • HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot Outputs
    • SATA X1 Up To 6TB
    • Backup via USB 2.0

A Look at the Onyx Falcon 4 Channel 2 TB 4K DVR Recorder

Most people have something that they want to protect, whether that’s the contents of their home or business, their employees, or their stock, it’s only natural that as crime is on the increase people are looking to install CCTV security cameras.

The Onyx Falcon 4K 4 channel DVR recorder is a reliable and robust recorder. It is has a hard drive capacity of 2 Terabytes, meaning that you get high quality live or recorded images to playback at your leisure.

Onyx ensures you get a quality CCTV security recording and offers unbeatable prices. What’s more, you can connect a range of external security cameras from the Onyx camera range with the Onyx Falcon 4 channel 4K DVR. The external cameras are waterproof to IP66 rating and are constructed with a vandal-resistant metal housing to ensure maximum durability.

The Falcon range of cameras offers up to 20m to 25 range of Smart Infrared illumination for reliable night vision, something that is rare at this price point. The Onyx CCTV security cameras are offered in white or grey colours, so you can get them in a colour that will match your building.

If you are a homeowner wanting to protect your property while you’re on holiday or who are coping with a problem neighbours, or you are a business that wants a vandal and theft deterrent, Onyx CCTV has you covered with these cameras. We have CCTV cameras with motion-detection, and many of the cameras have IP features for remote recording as well.

You will find a huge range of Onyx Falcon CCTV products for homes and business owners at CCTV Camera Center. With cameras for both indoor and outdoor use, there really is something for everyone. These cameras are used in offices, shops and malls to prevent employee theft, shoplifting and petty theft, personal assaults, vandalism and other crimes. Whether you are a large or small business owner CCTV could be the solution to any stock control issues you have as well as being a good way of protecting your property in general. We can help you with choosing the best cameras and the best DVR recorders for your business needs, explaining the operation of the devices, and also with device installation.

If you are interested in CCTV for your property then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote.