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  • Falcon 2MP 8 Channel NVR 2TB 6 Camera Kit Colour Grey

Falcon 2MP 8 Channel NVR 2TB 6 Camera Kit Colour Grey

£483.11 Price including tax

The Falcon 2 MP 8 channel IP recorder four-camera kit is a reliable and robust system and comes with grey cameras with a 3-year warranty

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Key Features

Kit Contains: 

1 x Falcon-NVR-8-2TB Recorder

6 x TUR-VIP-2MP-FW Cameras Colour Grey

Product Description

Falcon NVR

  • 8 Port Built-In POE Power
  • Supports up to 4K Recording
  • Mobile App for Smartphone/Tablet Control
  • 8 Channel Playback
  • Backup via USB
  • 1 x SATA Port, Supports up to 6TB HDD
  • 2 Way Audio
  • HDMI Video Output
  • DDNS Function Supported
  • PTZ Compatibility, Preset Support


  • 2MP Quality Image
  • Max 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 20-30m IR Range
  • Lens: 2.8mm Fixed
  • IP67 Rated


  • A Look at the Falcon 8 Channel 2 Megapixel IP 6 Camera Kit Colour Grey

Most people have something that they want to protect, whether that’s the contents of their home or business enterprise or their stock, it’s the only normal thing when the crimes are on the increase people are looking to install the 8 channel 2 megapixel IP 6-way camera kit

The Falcon 8 channel IP camera kit is a reliable and robust system.

It has 2 megapixels and supports up to 4K cameras meaning that you can get high quality live or recorded images to your Falcon 8-way NVR recording device.

The Falcon 8 channel Falcon camera kit ensures the best quality CCTV HD images and offers unbeatable pricing matching with competitors. What’s more, you can connect a range of cameras to the Falcon 8 channel camera kit. The 2 MP grey camera kit with six cameras also comes with an option to increase the hard drives to a bigger size should you require it.

The Falcon 8 camera kit comes in the colour grey with six grey IP cameras and is made with a quality metal housing to ensure the best durability.

The Falcon 8 channel recording kit comes with six IP cameras offering up to a 30-metre range of Smart high-end Infrared illumination for the best possible night vision, something that is a bargain at this price. The 2-megapixel camera kit has six reliable and robust cameras made in the colour grey, consisting of a metal housing and a sealed camera module. That’s a neutral colour that will suit most buildings.

Protect Your Property

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to protect your property while you’re away on vacation or who are coping with a theft and vandalism problem, or you have a business that wants the best CCTV IP business deterrent solution, The Falcon camera kit has you covered. We have a large range of CCTV 2 megapixel IP cameras with digital motion-detection, and many of the IP cameras have features for remote recording as well.

WE also have a vast range of Falcon IP NVR CCTV recorders for home and business at CCTV Camera Center. With cameras for both indoor and outdoor, there really is something for everyone. The Falcon 8 channel camera kit is used in, homes, shops, schools, malls and local authorities to prevent shoplifting and petty theft as well as preventing personal assaults, and vandalism attempts. Whether you are a medium or large enterprise, a CCTV IP camera kit could be the solution to any stock control issues you have as well as being a good way of protecting your property as a whole. We can help you with selecting the most suited IP cameras kits and analogue 8 in 1 DRV recorders for your business needs, explaining the operation of the devices, and with the installation.

If you are interested in CCTV camera kits for your property then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote.