Installing CCTV

I you have a project that you need designing we can help. Our CCTV team of experts can put together a plan showing elevations of your proposed camera system.

We can also recommend the correct CCTV system that suits your business needs.

When Installing a CCTV system it is vital that you get it right from the start. When Installing CCTV it is important to do your        homework prior to installation. Firstly work out what areas you wish to observe and how far away areas are from the camera, the reason for this is to make sure you will get facial recognition when you need it. For example if you have a gate or a shed at the rear of your house  then you might want to observe the shed door etc. Therefore it it is too far away from the camera you will not be able to recognize the person.

CCTV Installer

The solution would be to install a vari focal lens camera that you can manually setup to zoom in and view the object .The second solution would be to install a motorised lens camera,with this type of camera you can take full control from the NVR recorder and zoom in using the recorders mouse either way work well.

The other thing one needs to take on board is lighting, without good lighting at night you will not see anything clear, the solution would be to install a light that points away from the camera towards the object this way you will get a good clear image and avoid lots of unwanted light entering the cameras lens.

As with most cameras nowdays they come with quality led infrared this works great at night but the only downside is it is recorded in black and white, this can make it very difficult in a court of law to get a conviction as all colours can look the same, therefore the solution would be to use the infrared camera and the lighting together, if your light fails you still have a black and white recording however with the lighting the camera will automatically switch to full colour.