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Guide To The Best CCTV Camera Kits For Home And Business

The safety and security of your premises are of utmost importance. You simply can’t afford to turn a blind eye given that the police won’t always be around to protect you. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has advocated the use of CCTV Camera Kits for businesses and homes to assist detectives in solving crimes. If a criminal element were to attack you, your loved ones or employees, the recorded footage will go a long way in seeking out justice for the offence committed.

To get the most out of your security system, you’ll have to select the best CCTV Camera Kits that will offer improved security. We at CCTV Camera Centre provide the best quality CCTV kits that will for sure give you peace of mind as you go about your business. Our products include:

Viper 2MP 4 Channel 1TB 2 Camera Kit Colour White

The UK has seen a significant decrease in the number of police patrolling our streets, which is why you need protection more than ever. Installing our Viper 4 channel 2 megapixel kit can prove to be the difference-maker in your life, keeping you protected and safe 24/7. The Viper 2MP 4 Channel 1TB Camera kit comes in the colour white and grey and goes for 232.44 pounds inclusive of tax. It’s a robust and reliable system that supports 4K recording, which guarantees high quality recorded and live footage straight to your Viper NVR device. It’s made from high-quality metal housing that ensures durability against external elements and comes with a 3-year warranty.

What’s more is that you can connect your viper 4 channel camera kit to a range of CCTV cameras, and the hard drive can be increased to a bigger size if you want. Its cameras also offer a 20-30 metre Smart high-end Infrared illumination range with night vision capability. We provide this product at unbeatable pricing as well as do the CCTV installation for you. This camera kit is suitable for malls, shops, schools, homes, and local authorities to prevent vandalism and personal assaults.

Viper 6MP 8 Channel Camera IP Kit

The viper 8 channel 6 megapixel 2 terabyte IP camera kit is a robust and reliable system that will guarantee the safety of your home or business. The 6MP IP Camera provides high-quality images that are recorded to your Viper 8 NVR recording device. The CCTV cameras come in the colour grey, has a sealed camera module, metal housing, 20-30m IR range, 8 Channel Playback options, and a 1920 x 1080 max Resolution. The camera kit goes for £528.84 pounds, including tax, and has a 3-year warranty.

The best part of our CCTV cameras is how they can be connected with other business and home security methods like the alarm system which is a sure intruder deterrent. You can trust and depend on CCTV Camera Centre to provide the best CCTV Camera Kits that will guarantee the safety and security of your business or home. The kits come with different features, but the functionality is the same; select the one that will offer you the best flexibility and is in your price range.

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