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Titus 19″ LED Backlit HDMI Security Monitor

£117.60 Price including tax

1600 x 900 Resolution

Dimensions (with base) 468×284×41mm

Product Specification

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Titus 19″ LED Backlit HDMI Security Monitor

Product Specification

The Titus 19″ HDMI Backlit Security Monitor LED-HDMI1906TD is engineered to meet the demands of modern security and surveillance systems, offering exceptional video clarity and reliability. This 19-inch monitor features a high-definition display with backlit LED technology, ensuring vibrant colours, sharp details, and consistent brightness across the screen.

The inclusion of HDMI connectivity allows for seamless integration with DVRs, NVRs, and other video sources, making it an ideal choice for security control rooms, retail spaces, and anywhere comprehensive monitoring is required. Its compact design and durable build quality ensure that it fits easily into any setup, providing a high-quality viewing experience without taking up excessive space.

Beyond its impressive display capabilities, the Titus LED-HDMI1906TD monitor is designed with the user in mind, featuring intuitive controls and a versatile stand that offers both tilt and swivel adjustments for optimal viewing angles. The monitor is also equipped with additional video VGA input to accommodate a wide range of surveillance and computing devices. Its fast response time minimizes motion blur, ensuring that you can keep an eye on fast-moving objects without losing detail. Whether you’re upgrading an existing security system or setting up a new monitoring station, the Titus 19″ HDMI Backlit Security Monitor delivers the performance and reliability needed to maintain a secure and efficient surveillance operation.

Product Description

  • DC 12V Power Input
  • VGA and HDMI Input Video Interface
  • Audio Input Interface
  • Wall Mount VESA Standard 75 x 75 mm