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Viper 8MP 4K IP 2.8mm Fixed Lens Bullet Camera

£207.60 Price including tax

The Viper 4K IP Bullet Camera comes with 2.8mm Fixed Lens and up to 30 metres smart IR range.

Viper 8MP/4K IP Bullet Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens

  • 4K / 8MP IP Camera (3840 × 2160 )
  • Metal Housing
  • Up to 30M IR Range
  • 2.8MM Fixed Lens
  • Dedicate Viper camera for VIPER-NVR’s
  • Works With VIP-RING-03
  • Recommend using a 4K Screen when using
  • Supports mobile surveillance by smartphones with iOS or Android OS

A Look at the Viper 4K IP Bullet Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens | Grey

This 4K IP Bullet Camera, featuring a 2.8mm lens and equipped with 36 IR LEDs, is a formidable addition to any security system, designed to offer superior surveillance capabilities in a sleek, grey casing. This high-resolution camera captures images in stunning 8 Megapixel clarity, ensuring that every detail is crisply recorded. The 2.8mm wide-angle lens offers a comprehensive field of view, making it perfect for monitoring expansive areas such as parking lots, gardens, and entranceways. Coupled with its advanced 36 IR LED array, this camera guarantees exceptional night vision, allowing for clear footage up to distances of 30 meters in complete darkness, ensuring round-the-clock security.

Built to withstand the challenges of outdoor surveillance, the camera’s durable, grey housing is not only aesthetically pleasing but also IP67-rated, providing complete protection against dust and water ingress. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations in any environment. The camera’s sophisticated design is matched by its ease of installation and compatibility with a wide range of network video recorders (NVRs), facilitating seamless integration into existing security networks. With its combination of high-definition imaging, expansive coverage, and durable construction, the 8MP IP Bullet Camera with a 2.8mm lens and 36pc IR LED is a versatile and reliable choice for those seeking to enhance their security measures with the latest in surveillance technology.