Guide to Solar Powered CCTV Cameras

Solar CCTV Camera

If you want to maintain security in challenging or remote environments, installing solar-powered CCTV cameras is the way to go.

They are self-sufficient, can operate without any grid connection, and can produce enough power to function almost for life. They can be used in commercial premises, residential properties, yards and grounds, construction sites, outbuildings and outdoor venues, and remote locations without any grid connection.

Regardless of whether you want a security camera to cover a particular spot or look for a more eco-friendly option, solar-powered CCTV cameras are an excellent choice.

Before purchasing a solar powered security camera, it’s integral to know how they function if you want to make the right decision with regard to your security needs. Here’s our guide to solar powered CCTV cameras.

What Is a Solar Powered CCTV Camera?

Also known as solar panel security cameras, solar-powered CCTV cameras utilise the sun’s energy to power CCTV cameras. Solar CCTV cameras utilise the solar panel to obtain power and don’t need cablings or electric sources.

Solar power enables you to get the best out of the sun to charge and run solar panel security cameras without incurring monthly fees or any subscription charges.

Usually, a wireless solar powered CCTV camera comes included with a solar security camera with rechargeable batteries and a solar panel.

With more and more people resorting to ‘green’ solutions, you’ll likely see solar-powered CCTV cameras on people’s establishments.

How Does a Solar Powered CCTV Camera Work?

Solar Powered CCTV CameraSolar powered CCTV cameras utilise solar panels to channel sunlight and transform that light into DC electricity. An inverter then converts the DC current into AC current, which is used for powering the CCTV cameras and batteries sustained usage.

When there’s no direct sunlight, the wireless solar powered CCTV cameras can still obtain power from the batteries, which amass excess electrical power produced by the solar panel.

Contrary to popular belief, solar security cameras can produce electricity on cloudy or rainy days, given how light can still penetrate clouds and rain.

However, the efficiency of these devices reduces on cloudy or rainy days. For the solar powered CCTV cameras to get the best performance, maximum exposure to the sun is essential.

What Are the Benefits of Benefits of Solar CCTV Cameras?

These CCTV cameras are a fresh solution to a long-standing issue. How can you cost-effectively and efficiently protect isolated sites? How can you deliver sufficient security remote work locations, outdoor venues, events, and other properties with no access to electricity?

The key benefit of solar powered CCTV cameras is charging the battery, which creates a renewable power source. Even though Wi-Fi is needed, these devices can be utilised for difficult to access locations. Solar powered CCTV cameras deliver a reliable security system without the increased cost and hassle of running cables.

The System Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

A solar powered CCTV camera does not require the power grid or cables to function. This means it can be utilised in multiple surveillance applications like geographically challenging areas or remote locations. Common areas where you fit this system include vineyards, construction sites, RVs, warehouses, boats, barns, sheds, and vacation houses.

Easy to Install

Solar powered CCTV cameras are easy and fast to install given how you don’t need to run any drill roles or messy cables. You can fit them in pretty much any location you want.


It is flexible with gantries and towers to securely position security cameras

Generates Its Own Power

Comes with its own solar panels for generating energy and batteries for storage purposes


If you want to install more cameras in the future, the system can be adjusted to satisfy your needs.


The system is weatherproof and can withstand the elements

Environmental Friendly

Considering that the CCTV cameras are powered using renewable energy, solar powered CCTV systems don’t harm the environment or cause any sort of pollution like the way waste and disposable batteries do.

Solar powered CCTV cameras deliver both day and night monitoring. When solar powered CCTV cameras are not exposed to sunlight, the IP cameras can be powered by batteries on rainy or cloudy days and at night.

Easy to Move

When you complete a particular project, you can move your solar security system to a new site to make it secure.

As an added advantage, solar security systems allow remote access when there’s a Wi-Fi connection or provide several hours of storage for later inspection.

Are Solar Powered CCTV Cameras Any Good?

To know whether Solar Powered CCTV Cameras are Any Good, you need to ask yourself;

What occurs when it is overcast, or it rains – will it still work?

The majority of solar powered CCTV cameras feature a backup or alternative power source, usually rechargeable batteries. Not only does the solar panel power the CCTV cameras, but it also recharges the batteries. On rainy days or at night when there’s no direct sunlight, the rechargeable batteries will power the CCTV cameras. On exposure to direct sunlight, the batteries will automatically start charging.

Are solar powered cameras waterproof?

Given how the cameras and solar panels will be exposed to external elements, weatherproof is necessary. Other than being weatherproof, high-grade solar powered CCTV camera systems can withstand dust, rain, and snow, keeping your place safeguarded all year round.

How Long Do Solar Powered CCTV Camera Batteries Last?

Solar powered CCTV camera batteries can power the entire security system for up to 21 days without recharging.


Just because you are in a geographically challenging location doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your security needs. In these circumstances, solar security cameras can come in handy.

A solar-powered CCTV camera system can be utilised to monitor remote or off-grid locations where wires and cabling systems would be overpriced or impossible.

Before buying a solar powered CCTV camera, ensure that it covers all your security needs if you want peace of mind. Acquire your solar security system from a reputable brand if you are looking for quality.

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