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Benefits of Installing a CCTV Camera System in the Work Place


In recent years, CCTV cameras have gained massive popularity as an effective safety measure for homes and businesses. Since entrepreneurs can’t monitor their investments on their own all the time, they’re turning towards CCTV systems to keep them updated on the happenings at their business premises even when they aren’t around. It is a general belief that CCTV cameras‘ strategic installation in the workplace is an invasion of privacy. While controversial, using video surveillance at the business premises is beneficial to all stakeholders – employers, employees, and customers. In this article, we explore five benefits of installing a CCTV camera system in the workplace.

Low Angle View Of Four Security Camera Installed On Pole

1. Safety Purposes

• Protect the Employer

Install video surveillance systems inside and outside the workplace to protect the employer against potential losses due to theft or vandalism. Video surveillance cameras record everything that happens in and around the workplace, discouraging internal criminal activities by employees. It also prevents outsiders from engaging in anything that would harm the business. Perhaps the employer’s ability to monitor their business activities from anywhere on the globe might be the most ignored advantage of a video surveillance kit. As long as you have an operational device such as a laptop, tablet, or enabled phone and an internet connection, you can easily log into your surveillance system and conveniently access security footage at your workplace.

Protect the Employees

In 2011 alone, there were a total of 780 (17%) fatal injuries recorded in the U.S. as a result of workplace violence. Protecting employees from direct and indirect adversaries is as crucial as protecting your investment. CCTV camera kit brings about an overall sense of security by encouraging decent behaviour and avoiding any problems due to intruders or employee disagreements. The video system can record instances of harassment or abuse of employees by fellow employees or senior staff, which can be used as evidence against the foe in a court of law. Monitoring each activity, everyone who comes in and exits the building protects employees against unknown threats.

Video surveillance also ensures that the employer is compliant with The Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety policies involving employees. Employee safety is of paramount importance. The only way to ensure that the rules and regulations are being adhered to in various working environments is through CCTV cameras. It’s only through constant monitoring of employees and their workstations that the company can control potential hazards that may prove harmful to employees.

2. Increased Productivity

Entrepreneurs put up businesses with the sole objective of making profits. Hence, it’s no news that low productivity and substandard operational practices can ruin these goals. Socializing among employees during working hours is a common ailment in many companies backed by numerous studies. Thus, CCTV footage can significantly cut time wasted at the workplace due to socializing by simply installing CCTV kits. Presently, managers and supervisors use CCTV videos to observe employee performance and productivity. Senior personnel also use the footage to determine workers’ efficiency and adherence to set rules and regulations. Maintenance personnel can use video surveillance to monitor the equipment that needs repair or replacement. Given that everything is recorded on camera, business owners can concentrate on other important matters rather than guarding employees to ensure that they’re doing their jobs as required.

3. Deters Crime

Incidences of burglary and other crimes have decreased significantly in and around workplaces in the U.S. because of CCTV cameras’ installation. This innovative technology functions as a seamless deterrent against crooks since criminals are less likely to raid a place where they might get caught. Security personnel in small and big enterprises take extra care to cover vulnerable spots to provide faultless around-the-clock security. Employers also feel confident in the fact that if, at any point, their business was threatened by a physical security breach, they can take action from wherever they are. Still, employers can remotely monitor critical areas of their business, such as employee conduct towards their customers.

4. Useful Evidence Collection

While the CCTV camera kit discourages most criminals, some snub the danger and end up being recorded in the act. In addition to crowding the internet with their folly, such video surveillance also acts as an evidence-gathering tool for leads in the legal world. The footage not only helps you find out the offender but it’s also used as evidence in a court of law. In numerous cases, the judge or juror uses CCTV footage as enough evidence to convict a criminal. Thus, the presence of a video surveillance system within your business premises is beneficial to you and society.

When used correctly, surveillance video analysis can help authorities prevent and punish crime by revealing the perpetrator’s correct identity. Given special cases such as abduction, the technology can be used to find the wrongdoer quickly enough before any harm is done. Also, detectives can use the technology for greater prognostic insights into criminal activities and, consequently, prevent future occurrences.

5. Customer Satisfaction

If your customer is satisfied, it means they’re happy with the services provided, which means good future business for you. Unfortunately, you won’t always be present to monitor each transaction between your employee and the client. That’s where CCTV kits come in handy. You can monitor your business even at a distance, and when not possible to do it in real-time, you can always go over the recorded footage and assess your employees’ performance, efficacy, and customer reaction. In the end, you can evaluate situations and take the necessary action to increase service quality.

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