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How The DAHUA Coronavirus Thermal Imaging Access System Can Help Your Business

Returning to work from the COVID19 global pandemic will be a major undertaking that will require you to create a new normal. Businesses, hospitals, and offices must do their best to juggle protecting the health of employees and building workplace confidence while trying to minimize the level of disruptions.

The ASI7213X-T1 Dahua Temperature Monitoring Access Control Terminal and Standing Bracket is a sophisticated system that will allow you to build a secure workplace through cutting edge facial recognition technology and temperature data analysis.

Dahua Technology has become a technological leader in this global pandemic, deploying its products around the world to contain the spread of the virus and provide security. In this review, I will write about terminal specifications, features, and the pros and cons of the temperature monitoring system.

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The Dahua temperature monitoring system consists of a temperature monitoring access control terminal consisting of a screen, lock, exit button, card reader, and alarm light. A complimentary standing bracket for mounting the terminal is sold separately. The terminal’s switch is connected to the management platform and the client.

The temperature monitoring terminal includes a 2.5D curved screen with a 7″ LCD with a resolution of 1024×600, dual 2MP sensors, and a 120 dB wide dynamic range. It has a colour code status indicator light that signals whether the system is functional (red indicates an error, green indicates normal operation, and blue indicates a working status).

The terminal is made of aluminium alloy and tempered glass and has dimensions of 312.5 mm × 129.0 mm × 36.7 mm (12.30″ × 5.08″ × 1.44″). It weighs 2.2 kg (4.85 lb), consumes 24W of power, and is certified by the CE/FCC.

The complimentary standing bracket for mounting installation of the terminal is made of galvanized steel and has dimensions of 1472.6mm×304.1mm×159.0mm (4.8’ x 1’ x 0.5’) and a net weight of 8.7kg (19 lb).

Corona Virus Thermal Camera


The Dahua Temperature Monitoring Access Control Terminal has an IR temperature sensor for temperature monitoring and facial recognition AI technology which can recognize 360 positions on the face. It can monitor temperatures from a range of 0.3m to 2m (1ft to 6 ft). The system can store 100,000 face images and 100,000 records.

The system is designed with separate temperature, intrusion, and tamper alarms which alert authorized administrators and users of anomalies and security breaches.

The access control terminal can be easily deployed at the entrance of your building. The process of installation is easy, all you need to do is place it near a power source and power on. Its light structure along with easy deployment gives it mobility and the opportunity for businesses and offices to adjust its location and positioning.


The ASI7213X-T1 Dahua Temperature Monitoring system combines thermal measurement technology and CCTV to find temperature anomalies in individuals and groups. The temperature monitoring accuracy of the Dahua terminal is within the 0.3 Celsius range and it can report from up to 2m.

Facilities can be confident in the accuracy of the temperature monitoring and individuals do not have to closely approach the terminal. This reduces the distance between security personnel and workers, creating a safer workplace.

The terminal can also accurately detect temperatures within 0.2 seconds, allowing it to scan groups of employees and reducing the amount of time needed to queue to enter the workplace by about 3 hours for a workforce of 5,000. This will alleviate workplace anxiety and boost productivity.

Another useful feature included in the system is a sound alarm that will go off in the presence of abnormal temperatures. It can also issue verbal reminders to employees as they approach to put on face masks when they are not worn properly.

The terminal has a camera with face detection which can improve accuracy by finding the best point on the face to conduct measurement of body temperature. Therefore, the likelihood of false alarms from objects giving off heat is low, and the system will not measure the area beneath the masks which may have a higher temperature.


  • Easy Installation-installing the system can be done as quickly as one day from point of order and the standing bracket is mobile allowing businesses and offices to re-adjust to different points of entry and it can be easily disassembled and reassembled as needs change.
  • Quick and Accurate Temperature and Mask Compliance Monitoring- the system provides precise and rapid temperature readings. The temperature monitoring system’s margin of error within ± 0.3 Celsius and an alarm will sound in less than 0.5 seconds when elevated body temperatures are detected.
  • Protects the Safety of Security Personnel and Frontline Workers- since the terminal can accurately detect temperatures from a distance there is less of a chance of infection due to personnel screening people from a close distance. It will also save on the costs of hiring additional personnel to screen employees and consumers.


  • Monitoring body temperatures does not guarantee a COVID19 free environment- while elevated temperatures are common in COVID19 positive individuals, infected individuals may be asymptomatic.


While monitoring temperatures does not fully guarantee that your workplace or office will be free of COVID19, it will provide a safeguard that will restore employee and consumer confidence. What makes the Dahua system great is that it is easy to assemble, it can screen groups of people at one time, and temperatures are read quickly and accurately.

If you are thinking about how you are going to balance security with restoring a sense of normalcy, then you should strongly consider purchasing this system. It is versatile, with a light but sturdy design that can be moved and re-positioned as conditions change.

Finally, the rapid monitoring will allow you to minimize disruptions to your workplace, ensuring a safe and productive environment. It is up to businesses, offices, and medical facilities to play their role in ensuring that the progress in fighting COVID19 is maintained.


  • The Price of the terminal is £2262.00.00 Incl Vat while the standing bracket is priced at £444.00 Incl Vat.

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